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Loopus Mystery Hour Loopus Mystery Hour Rated Stars Dr. Loopus must rescue a child that is possessed by an insidious demon. Comedy - Parody Hardcore Gamer Buys Wii U Hardcore Gamer Buys Wii U Rated Stars A hardcore gamer tries to buy a Wii U. Comedy - Original Messed-Up Bible Stories11 Messed-Up Bible Stories11 Rated Stars God tells Abraham to start chopping wieners. Comedy - Original Spiderdub: Gay Robot Spiderdub: Gay Robot Rated Stars Spiderman is on the run from a deadly rapebot! Comedy - Parody Messed-Up Bible Stories10 Messed-Up Bible Stories10 Rated Stars God starts a fight with Jacob for some reason. Comedy - Original Spiderdub: Sarcophagus Spiderdub: Sarcophagus Rated Stars SPIDERDUB: SARCOPHAGUS Comedy - Parody Taco-Man Adventures 2 Taco-Man Adventures 2 Rated Stars Taco-Man makes another cartoon. Comedy - Original Taco-Man Adventures Taco-Man Adventures Rated Stars Taco-Man makes a cartoon about himself. Comedy - Original Linda Show: Chick-fil-A Linda Show: Chick-fil-A Rated Stars Linda protests gay marriage by eating fast food. Comedy - Original Taco-Man Safety Tips 5 Taco-Man Safety Tips 5 Rated Stars Taco-Man teaches kids about gun safety. Comedy - Parody Taco-Man Safety Tips 4 Taco-Man Safety Tips 4 Rated Stars Taco-Man gives advice on eating wild berries. Comedy - Parody Taco-Man Safety Tips 3 Taco-Man Safety Tips 3 Rated Stars A kid stumbles onto a porn site. Taco-Man to the rescue! Comedy - Parody Zelda CD-i: King's Bday Zelda CD-i: King's Bday Rated Stars Zelda and Link plan a surprise birthday party for the King. Comedy - Parody Taco-Man Safety Tips 2 Taco-Man Safety Tips 2 Rated Stars Taco-Man helps two kids with a stranger. Comedy - Parody Taco-Man Game Master 7 Taco-Man Game Master 7 Rated Stars The Trouble With Virtual Boy. Comedy - Parody Taco-Man Game Master 6 Taco-Man Game Master 6 Rated Stars Donkey Kong goes on a rampage. Comedy - Parody Taco-Man Safety Tips Taco-Man Safety Tips Rated Stars Taco-Man gives bad advice to children. Comedy - Parody