Video Contest!

2012-04-30 21:49:53 by Samination

Started a new website called and we're having a video contest with cash prizes. See the video below for more details. Deadline is May 7th. Winners will be announced May 11th on the live show. We've already had a ton of great entries that you can watch here:

I'm also looking for an animation assistant to help with clean up and coloring. You should be familiar with Adobe Flash. This is a paying job.

Thanks guys!


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2012-04-30 22:16:39

Aren't you dead?

Samination responds:

Not anymore!


2012-04-30 22:55:56

how much of a workload would this job be? Cleaning and colouring I mean.

Samination responds:

Eh, not too much. Basically whatever you feel you can do.


2012-04-30 23:26:17

Cleaning :D Coloring :D Dude.... shoot me a pm I might not be Ricepirate, or Johnny Utah but seriously let me give it a go :D

Samination responds:

But your a lazy ass... 23.


2012-04-30 23:48:35

Well your a beautiful Taco :) what do i have to say.?


2012-05-01 00:36:30

Does this mean I can sign up


2012-05-01 03:08:22

I have nothing much else to do at the moment, doing some flash work should be fun :)


2012-05-02 08:38:45

oh f=ck...i dont have time. me sad