Taco-Man Plays Alone in the Dark (3DO)

2012-10-09 15:18:20 by Samination

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2012-10-09 16:10:33

how loney is tacoman is ?

Samination responds:

Why, you are interested?


2012-10-09 16:30:50

Hilarious! Can't wait for part two, man.

Samination responds:

It's gonna be a good one! Coming out next monday! And dont forget the Taco-Man Plays LIVE on Halloween night!


2012-10-09 16:37:37

I hated the SHIT out of this game. and yet I still have copies of two and three. You want them?

Samination responds:

Yes please.


2012-10-09 20:01:39

Oh lord xD Ive been waiting for this for a year.


2012-10-09 23:01:46

I liked this game, i remember how mind blown i was with the graphics when i first saw it as a kid. It looks like garbage now that i see it. The polygon faces are so ugly.

Samination responds:

I remember seeing it as a kid too, I wasn't so blown away by it even back then, but it was ground-breaking for it's time and paved the way for games like Resident Evil. It's not a bad game either, it's just that the puzzles are impossible to figure out without some kind of guidebook.


2012-10-10 09:29:06

Its a good thing you 3DO in your title, otherwise...very awkward...

Samination responds:

Taco-Man Plays With Himself Alone In The Dark.


2012-10-10 16:23:31

Tacoman plays what in the dark?


2012-10-10 19:48:48

Play Punch-Out for NES

Samination responds:

One of these days.