Taco-Man Plays Muppet Adventure (NES)

2014-08-04 13:59:06 by Samination



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2014-08-04 16:41:30

Despite there being video game footage in this, I believe that there's enough animation in this for it to be in the portal...

Samination responds:

I don't know. I've had a pretty chilly response to trying to upload this series on NG. I'm going to give it a go with the new Grandpa series which mixes a heavy dose of animation with gameplay. If that works out, I may start uploading some of the newer episodes of Taco-Man Plays.


2014-08-04 18:24:15

Oh my god... YES! good job tacoman! you actually did what was supposed to be the impossible, incredible that you didn't die from a brain meltdown, i would. The stress of being forced to play something that NO ONE would or should EVER play, i am so glad that you survived and that this hell is over. i am NEVER! gonna replay this video. jeez

Samination responds:

It was pretty awful. I feel sorry for any child that bought or received it.


2014-08-05 02:43:55



2014-08-12 17:37:25

I'm imagining if ebolaword caught ebola virus...

Samination responds:

Hilarity ensues.