2012-06-12 14:13:19 by Samination

In this NEW Zelda CD-i cartoon, Link and Zelda plan a surprise birthday part for the King.

All animation was re-created based on the original cartoons. If this episode is successful, I'll make more.

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2012-06-12 14:31:46

I gotta say, that was pretty accurate.


2012-06-12 14:40:23

"Why don't you blow on my flute?"
"Don't make me gag."
"That's the point!"

I laughed my head off at that.
Bravo on the new animation, please make more.


2012-06-12 15:15:06

How did you make the lines so pixely? This was really well done.

Samination responds:

Used a mosaic filter in premiere.


2012-06-12 15:21:51

legend of smelda: the asses of evil.


2012-06-12 15:47:47

cdi wasn't funny since 2008.

Samination responds:

I made it funny again.


2012-06-12 16:34:40

That was awful, dated, and unfunny. Put this garbage on youtube were it originated.

Samination responds:

No sir, not only will I keep my new video here on Newgrounds, but I'll also happily accept the Third Place Award, 5 star rating, front page post, and all the positive reviews it has received! :)


2012-06-12 20:19:41

Yeah.... I'm going with Spaz and Wonchop in saying that was pretty unfunny. No offense, but the jokes were REALLY weak.


2012-06-12 22:33:45

It was pretty decent. Loved the way you emulated it so well. But it feels like a lot of your stuff lately is about 20% really funny, 80% filler jokes. That gagging bit was gold, but most of it was just sort of okay. I guess when your output increases so much the quality has to suffer somewhere. A hell of a lot better than Youtube Poops.

As for the subject matter. It's always new to somebody. So I'm sure there are a ton of people who still find CD-i Zelda hilarious. Don't let the dissention get to you.

(Updated ) Samination responds:

If you ask me it was 80% really funny and 20% filler jokes. I'm now able to devote 100% of my time to my animations, so quality isn't suffering one bit. In fact, it's greatly improved as I used to only be able to devote less than half my time. You'd be surprised to learn just how long I labored over the concept and script for this cartoon alone. The animation itself took over a month off and on.

And don't worry about me, no negative comment will ever get me down. I'm happy with my work and can't wait to make the next thing.


2012-06-13 14:01:17

Don't listen to wonchop and spazkid, they're just butthurt that their stuff isn't half as good :3.


2012-06-13 16:40:14

I really enjoyed your previous uploads, this one was a bit weak. When will you be completing Taco Man The Game Master VB Pt2? I understand that you're able to do this full time and I respect that you continue to do this, but in all honesty I enjoyed the old animation over the new. Now I'm not saying it's bad, It to me just feels as if your uploads have lost something.... I respect you and will continue to watch, I'm a loyal fan, just feels like your jokes aren't as good as they used to be. I'm still waiting on a new Taco Man Plays Video Games! I'll continue to watch and hopefully you take the small amount of negative feed back and only make your animations better!

Samination responds:

Thanks for your comments, but I feel my comedy is the best its ever been. Honestly. I always strive to improve with each video I make. Virtual Boy Part 2 came out weeks ago, and so did a bunch of Taco-Man Plays. Thanks again!


2012-06-14 19:02:37

whoa is it the year 2000 bad again? But seriously, your counter arguments are really bad and you're very out of touch and you suck at animating and you're gay and stupid.


2012-06-14 20:06:56

I much enjoy Taco Man.